Reed Younger

Positions: VP of Events, VP of Members Services

Reed Younger is a junior majoring in public relations. Since 2015, his primary work experience has been in inside-sales, and customer service. During his time as an inside sales representative, between 2015 and 2016, he increased sales revenue by almost 50 percent. During a summer sales promotion campaign for that same company, he sold $30,772 worth of product. Beginning 2017 he started working for a new company primarily focusing on customer service.

On the side, he enjoys planning and organizing independent events with two of his best friends. Their first event was an album release party for one of their favorite bands. Only 30 people attended that event, but the band personally reached out, through social media, to thank them. Since then, Reed and his two friends have organized three other events with an average of 250-300 people in attendance. One of those events was sponsored by a local pest-control sales company.

He is applying for VP of events. However, he is also applying for VP of member services. Through his experiences at work, and planning events with friends, he has developed a passion for collaborating with people. If elected, he hopes to be able to reach out to people, who are members of PRSSA, and help them become actively involved in the PRSSA at UVU.