Tessa Nielsen - Secretary


Year in school: Sophomore!

Favorite class: Interpersonal Communication

Dream job: Hopefully in a corporation somewhere in a PR/Marketing department (I'm not sure what category of business....maybe entertainment?)

How I got involved in PRSSA: Your advisor suggested I apply for the position!:)

Advice to current/future members: .....Still figuring out my own way haha.

What I want to accomplish on the Executive Board: I want to help build a future for PRSSA. I got a little nervous realizing you were all graduating and leaving this program in the hands of people who are very inexperienced. 

Email: tntessa@gmail.com

Twitter: @tess_niels



  • Motivate fellow PRSSA leaders and general PRSSA members through enthusiastic attitude about PRSSA

  • Notify PRSSA Headquarters and PRSA sponsor Chapters of changes to Chapter leadership

  • Ensure that Chapter upholds Chapter charter, handbook and other permanent documents 

  • Ensure that each member of the PRSSA presidency has up-to-date materials and information

  • Track Executive Board member attendance

  • Take minutes at Executive Board meetings and file them in proper locations in a timely manner

  • Complete training with the Clubs Office in order to properly manage funds and receive financial updates from Clubs Office

  • Work with Chapter President in preparing the annual budget

  • Provide financial reports periodically to the Executive Board and arise on fund allocation for events, programs, fundraisers and campaigns  

  • Support all other PRSSA members in their positions and assist with any extra needed projects