Tyler Hansen - Secretary

Tyler Hansen

My name is Tyler Hansen and I am a sophomore at Utah Valley University.  I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona.  I served a LDS mission in Colombia, and I am fluent in Spanish. My hobbies include movies and staying active.  I love to meet new people and make new friends.  Whenever I hear a song I love to think of how I would make a music video for it.  I have made music videos in the past and I am very familiar with Apple IMovie.  I hope to use my enthusiasm and prior knowledge of editing to help improve the YouTube Channel and UVUPRSSA website.  I have visited the website and I hope to add previously made videos to the website for faster access. I also want to help make the UVU PR Alumni Video/Bio a main focus on the website. People then will be able to visit the site and see what their peers are accomplishing. This will only help excite others to be successful and use all the resources that UVU has to offer their PR alumni, and entice them to join PRSSA.