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Benefits of Joining PRSSA

By joining PRSSA you gain instant access to a broad network of students, professionals, and organizations. Click Here to learn about more other additional benefits all dedicated to the PRSSA's mission to:

·         Enhance your education. Your education goes far beyond your formal schooling and degree. In today’s competitive workforce, employers are seeking for individuals who have experience, achievements, and practical knowledge. PRSSA offers exclusive opportunities to not only increase your knowledge, but add substance to your resume as well. Through PRSSA, you are invited to participate in national case study competitions, the UVU PR Firm, and internships. Wondering how you’ll pay for tuition? Don’t worry! There are several exclusive scholarships offered to PRSSA members only.

·         Broaden your network. As the adage says in today's work field, “It's no longer about who you know, it's about who knows YOU.” The relationships you develop through UVU PRSSA will serve you not only socially, but professionally as well. Through the UVU PRSSA events, national conference trips, and monthly PRSA luncheons, will be in contact with some of the industry’s leading professionals and your own future colleagues. These networks and relationships will ensure you are mentored and assisted as you pursue your professional goals.

·         Launch your career. Your knowledge and skills are only as valuable as your ability to enter the workforce. Through UVU PRSSA internships and professional connections, the transition from student to professional couldn’t be easier. The UVU PRSSA leadership, internship, and achievement opportunities allow you inside access the industry’s job openings and career development programs.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in the Nation’s Most Outstanding Chapter TODAY and see what UVU PRSSA can do for you!